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Discover the highest quality house cleaning services in Victoria, BC. We specialize in basic cleans, deep cleans, and moving out cleans, ensuring your home is sparkling clean and fresh. 

 Our Cleaning Packages

Basic Clean

Have a tidy house but need a clean up? With the basic package, we will wipe down surfaces, scrub away any messes, and wash away whatever we need to get your residence back to looking perfect once more.

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Deep Clean

Is the cleaning a bit overdue? Are there stains you can’t get out? With the deep clean package, we cover everything the basic package does as well as more difficult things to get out.

Moving Out Clean

Are you moving houses and need to get the place back to pristine condition for showings? Have things piled up and need to be cleaned? We will thoroughly clean everything to get your house in perfect shape. 

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Thank you for considering Cosmic Cleaning for your house cleaning needs. We pride ourselves in offering top-quality residential cleaning services in Victoria, BC. Whether you require a basic clean to maintain the cleanliness of your home, a deep clean to rejuvenate your living space, or a move out clean to leave your previous residence spotless, we've got you covered. Reach out to us today and experience the difference of a professionally cleaned home.